The Secret of the Red Sofas

Well the secret is out. Somehow word has gotten around about the glories of spending a peaceful hour luxuriating on the red leather sodas at Waterstone’s Piccadilly. I’ve been coming here for my lunch breaks every day for two years or so, grateful for the opportunity to sit down somewhere comfortable and read a book for an hour or so.
I’ve always been very careful not to tell anyone about this oasis of calm in the west end, for fear of spoiling my secret. Alas, it seems that my worst fears are confirmed and now it’s nigh on impossible to get a seat.
There aren’t enough places like the red sofas in this city- a place where any member of the public can sit and relax for free. London has always prided itself on being a city of activity and entertainment; but the pleasures of peaceful, quiet reflection shouldn’t be ignored.


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